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I have been called and never have been chosen.

First time was a death penalty case in IL. I laughed about getting the summons with the Clerk of Court because one of the questions they ask is whether you know any of the lawyers or the judge. Why yes, yes I do. I know them all. I also have an opinion about their competency.

Second time, I came home after my accident and found a jury summons. Crap. I had just spent 2 months in the hospital and rehab and my leg was still swaddled in a cast and bandages with a few open wounds. I was also on a heavy amount of narcotics. Sent in a deferment and was deferred for a year.

Next year, they summoned me again. I had had an amputation shortly before and was in and out of the hospital with a massive infection. Asked for and got another deferment.

Finally, a year and a half later, I got another summons. This time I went, no leg, crutches, but not taking anything narcotic, able to sit for a period of time, and capable of serving.

I knew they would not actually keep me, but much to my surprise, I did not even get to the point of personal voir dire - they were just looking for 2 to finish up a jury for a drug trial.


The question, really, is whether you would want somebody like you on a jury if you were facing charges. If yes, no worries. If no, why. Articulate the reason and that is probably why you will not get selected.

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