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Originally Posted by lolo21216 View Post
Wooo single digits, only 9 days left!! Sooooo happy for you and your husband!
9 Days!!!!! Thank you so much!!! So happy I only have one more trip to Duluth, MN! He told me yesterday this weekend was my 20th visit. I couldn't believe I have visiting him over the pats year 20 times.

Barring any snow related issues, I leave to go back next Tuesday and walk out with him next Thursday the 31st. It is a surreal feeling!!!

I can't say this enough - PTO has been a great source and great support. I know we don't all always agree but while my friends and family have been there throughout, it is different when you share things with someone who has gone through or going through the process. They get it! So thank you everyone for that.

For those of you just beginning your "journey", you can make it. Just remember, whatever you are facing, there is always someone with something worse going on in their lives. There are many down days, but there are many up days as well. Things can and do get better. When my husband was about to be indicted, I said to him "no matter what you do, don't hurt yourself, nothing is worth doing that for". Luckily, his response was "I love life too much to do anything like that". But unfortunately, I know people who have done that. Can't face their troubles. So for anyone in that position or with a family member in that position, fight for them, seek counseling, do whatever you can. Life is worth it.

For those recently sentenced or about to be sentenced, it is scary. I haven't had to deal with a LO with a long sentence, but we were prepared for him to get a 3-5 year sentence. Fortunately, it was only 18 months, which even at the time seems astronomical. But, we survived and you can too. Get into a routine, become a stronger person, let your LO know you are there. It can be done. I can't believe how fast time has gone. Helped to make myself super busy and involved with the kids. Have things been perfect? Of course not. But when I've had to make a tough decision I've done it. Have I made mistakes, sure. But my partner is soon going to be back and we will enter the next phase of this ordeal. We have 3 more to go. HWH, HC, and SR. Then hopefully we can walk away from this and live our lives. I know, things aren't always that simple, but maybe there is a happily ever after!

Be strong people, you can all do it.
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