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I am sorry to hear this. I have no experience with the GA system or jpay.
I hope you get the answers you need soon.

Originally Posted by Take5 View Post
Hi everyone! I'm mostly reading all threads and learning a lot from you all but this time I need some advice from you...

My LO is at GA Diag Class prison on Death Row and we use Jpay for almost a year now. We send each other at least 3 mails per day but since two weeks I haven't received anything. Weeks before that I've had only 2 messages in where he told me they were holding emails back, not only ours but everybody's. Nothing comes in or goes out.

I've emailed his investigator who told me to email the prison. Prison told me to ask jpay support. And I'm still waiting for jpay support to answer my question. His investigator told him what's up so he knows I'm not giving up on him. I've sent my last emails also through real mail hoping he'd at least get those.

I miss him and I just don't know what more to do now. Is there anyone who also experiences these issues in Georgia/Jpay?

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