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Default New VPASS System Link and FYI

Heads up: Rumor on Cyard is they will be rolling out the new VPASS system soon. Don't know when yet...
  1. have to go to their home page, and check for the banner update
  2. CCI visitors will eventually all have to schedule visiting appts through this system.
I've been checking every far, they are not in the system. But they are saying it could happen around Christmas or the New Year.

We all have to register or be denied. What I want to know is, how the heck are we supposed to schedule visits, anticipate lock downs, and seeing that there are only something like 34 tables and they won't double are we supposed to do this?

I wonder if they have blocks of people going through at diff times of the morning?

If you visit the CCI Tehachapi home page, supposedly there will be a banner informing us of the changes. So I think we all better look out for this, because we are all going to eventually have to schedule visits - even for mainline.

Here's the VPASS link:

Here's the link for CCI Tehachapi Home Page:

As of Dec. 1st - California Men's Colony E and W, Ironwood, Folsom, CIM,
Cali Institute for men - Facility C, Los Angeles, Solano, Correctional Training Facility, Kern Valley, Pleasant Vally, and San Quentin are the only facilities using the system right now.

It won't allow me to sign up, because CCI is not on their drop-down list yet. I know every day brings a new surprise...but we are all strong and can do no choice, right?

Just thought you all would appreciate the heads up....
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