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Originally Posted by miamac View Post
Part of the problem has been people taking the max number of appointments per reservation and then not using them or giving them to friends. There is no punitive measure for that. The other issue they have tried to crack down on is people using multiple accounts to take spots and then selling them. I'm going to say this as plainly as possible: those people deserve to have their privileges revoked. That is sick.
New people showing up at some prisons from wherever could cause a spike in demand. Same with booking and not showing whether or not you cancel. But those alone do not explain the magnitude of the problem.

It is possible the BS behaviors above could explain it. There would have to be a group of idiots doing it. A half dozen or so with multiple accounts grabbing max slots with each account than selling appointments - or whatever it is they do - could cause a lot of damage. Screwing things for everyone else. If that is the issue, balls to those people.

Originally Posted by His_Queen13 View Post
I bet if you had to put down a deposit for a visit it wouldn’t be like this. But people would have issue with that too.
That is an interesting suggestion, Refunded if you show for your appointment but you pay for every single appointment that doesn't show. Impose a deadline for refundable cancellations; maybe early Friday morning. You reserve 5 appointments and only one shows up, you just paid for the other 4.
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