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He can put in for a transfer to a different county as soon as he knows who his counselor is. He would send a kyte to his counselor requesting a transfer to whichever county he wanted to release to and listing the reason why. Best to give the reason that he has "social support" there, and not any other reason (no mentions of love or girlfriend or anything like that).

You can help him by looking him up on the Oregon Offender Search here:

At the bottom, on the left side, you'll see his caseload number and his counselor's name. You can send that to him. If he waits to hear who his counselor is from the staff, it'll be a long wait. I've had to send guy's their counselor's name and caseload before because they weren't able to get the information on their own.

Once he gets the information from you, he'll be able to send kytes to the right person about both his release and a county transfer. There's no guarantee on the county transfer, but DOC generally wants to release people to somewhere where the newly released person has a social support network. Study after study shows that social support is critical in decreasing the likelihood of recidivism.

As for what would happen if he released to Umatilla, well, it wouldn't be pretty at all. For now, let's hope that he can get this all lined up and release to where you are so you can help him.
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