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Default Info & registration for CCJR Lobby Day in


Who needs to attend the lobby day rally in Tally?
Everyone who has a loved one who is incarcerated and anyone who has been incarcerated

What is lobby day?
It is the one day of the year where formerly incarcerated and directly impacted individuals meet legislators in session to share our story and explain the need to support criminal justice and prison reform bills

Where is lobby day?
Itís at the Florida State Capitol, 400 S. Monroe St., Tallahassee, FL 32399

When is lobby day?
Wednesday, February 5th, 2020 from 8 am to 2 pm
The day is much more focused and targeted and shorter than last year so everyone can get in, make their presence known and get out so you can grab a group of friends, attend the rally and drive up and back the same day.

Everyone should plan on attending the rally in Tally on 2/5/2020 and be atthe Historic Capitolís front steps by 8 am. We want a huge presence like 1,000+ people at this rally so legislators and the media can see just how many of us really care about this reform.

From there we will break into 2 groups, the first being 150 individuals who are either formerly incarcerated or directly impacted by 65% to meet with key legislators who need to be persuaded to embrace reform. These individuals will meet with their legislators in groups of 15 or so to share a couple of stories as well as data supporting 65%. This should wrap up by noon or so, we will have lunch and then take off by 2 pm at the latest.
The rest of the folks will hang back to speak with news media and attend session meetings if they are in progress or if you need to leave to get back to your life, you can head out immediately after the rally which should be completed by 10 am.

Why is lobby day so important?
Criminal justice and prison reform is urgently needed in Florida where roughly 96,000 people Ė disproportionately people of color are imprisoned every day. While dozens of other states have adopted bipartisan reforms that safely reduce prison populations and save taxpayers money, Florida has not. Our 1 major focus this year is the return of 65% for ALL offenders.

What will happen if I donít attend lobby day?
Sadly if you donít make lobby day a priority you shouldnít expect a legislator to make criminal justice and prison reform a priority either. Legislators are in Tallahassee to do the work of the people and if we are not there, we are not a priority.
The key is everyone showing up.

The ACLU and SPLC and CCJR are doing all they can from where they are and are providing housing and transportation scholarships to 150 people who would be directly impacted by 65% and are in key legislative districts. Everyone should apply. However, just because there is a cap on how many people they can afford and have capacity for does not mean we should not attend the rally. We shouldn't wait on any human rights organization to do this work for us.

It is on us to do the work! We have to do this because we are the people who are affected!

We are the ones with our loved ones locked away for far too long!

Remember the parkland shootings and how a bill was passed the same year it was introduced? That never happens but it did because the families affected by the shooting showed up in Tallahassee and demanded it. We must do the same, all of us, not some of us. It didnít work last year with nearly 400 of us, so we need to triple that.
We canít keep just talking about it and complaining that laws are not changing and no one is doing anything, if we are not willing to get uncomfortable ourselves.

We all must get up to Tallahassee for the rally on 2/5/20 if you need a ride or place to stay e-mail and we will figure it out

We all know what sacrifice is about sleeping on the side of the road to visit, driving 8 hours to see your loved one, no one else pays us to do that so why wait on someone to pay for your trip to Tallahassee? This day is the same sacrifice for the person, our incarcerated loved ones so we all have to be there and we all can figure out how to get there at our own expense so if you truly want change, you must attend.

How do I register?
Use this link to register right away:Ö/1FAIpQLSfvFIOSrd5nhBSi_Ö/viewformÖ.

Once you register a Florida Cares volunteer will be in contact with you to go over the fine details.

Remember, if you have a loved one in prison or are formerly incarcerated you MUST be at the rally!

patchouli, PTO Admin

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