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Originally Posted by Firebrand View Post
From this point on in your son's life you need to change your perspective and the lens that you see through, LotusFlowerFire. I say this to you as his mother and the role you play. It's important to take to heart the "from here on out" realities and what matters most on your end.

1. What's done is done concerning the crime he committed and the sentence
he is faced with.
His course to follow has been laid out until further notice.

2. No one can change what goes on with regard to where he is or the obstacles that
come along. His experience will not be so different from others before him as well
as others that will follow him. Prison is prison.

3. Who are you in all of this? What is your role? You are a soothing voice in the midst
of chaos and drama. You're a warm fire on a cold day. You're a cool place to dwell
when it's too hot. You're the sane part of his existence in a seemingly insane experience.
At the end of the day, all you can do is to play your part well. You are his the
best mom that you can be in the sense of offering a calm, soothing hand that is steady and
true. And you can do this, dear. You're his mom and mom's are just like that.

4. The thing that messes us up on this side of the razor wire is the fact that on many days
we can't change or make a difference or control what happens to someone we love in there
and because of that we feel as though we're sitting on the sidelines as spectators in an event that
often times appears to be a losing effort. We can become a type of "victim" without knowing it and
often it is said that the loved ones out here in the free world are doing time just like one of us on the inside.
If that's true then, there's something to be said about the way you do your time and what you do with the
time you're doing. Spend your time and do your time as a steady hand, a confident die hard mother who
simply possesses that quality which motherhood empbraces " we're going to get through this and we're going
to be fine. I 'm here for you as best I can be and I'm always with you in spirit. I'm your mother and you will
never be alone in this world"

And that needs to be the place from which you dwell and draw your strength & efforts. Getting mad at the warden,
getting mad at anyone or anything from here on out......let that be for others, but you are the voice of reason, sanity and
a sense of calm in his life from here on out. That's his greatest need from everyone and anyone on this side of the razor wire,
but no one does those things better than you mom. You go girl.
What a great post. ❤️
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