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Originally Posted by studebaker71 View Post
I would say the facility is compromised. They will not say this, but the only way to contain it would be to stop anyone in or out. The more they are in denial and treating this like its classful, the more risk they bring to themselves AND the neighboring communities. This will definitely impact Lancaster.

I pray they don't try and put people on buses to other facilities, but these people aren't known for being very smart on the macro scale.... Process oriented and operating largely with blinders on aligning with legacy old policy which never addressed this kind of situation.

If you see a situation with more than 50 cases, I would consider the facility compromised and everyone at risk....
Guess I need to clarify. The outside facility I refer to is an outside hospital. A critically ill inmate needs to be transported (by ambulance) to an outside hospital. Just like any other critically ill patient outside of prison. The prison medical will not be equipped to help him.

That's why I wonder what happened to that person at CIM? Did he get to a hospital for treatment or not? If not, he was not given a chance.
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