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Originally Posted by MrsHarley23 View Post
Hi everyone, I need some information or maybe just some clarification on this, any help would be so much appreciated. ... so, my love was in a medium facility, he was involved in a fight where he was labeled the aggressor and then sent to a max facility for 6 months SHU time because where he was did not have any SHU cells... so hes in a Max now but still classified as a medium. That has not changed. So, would that mean that after his disciplinary Transfer, would that mean he will be placed back into a medium? Anyone know how this works? Im just trying to understand all this. This is hard. =(
He will get moved to a medium prison since he isnt a max classification so he wont stay there which is a good thing hope time goes fast for you mine will be home july see how that works out lol
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