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Default Problem with money order, his name is too long

I live in canada and don't have a western union anywhere near me so the only option that I have to send money is to get a money order at the post office and mail it. I do this about once a month for my boyfriend.
But I was wanting to send my cousin some money and have run into a problem. The money order only has a certain about of space to write out the inmates full committed name and their ID number. But my cousins name is so long that it will just barley fit on the line and I can't fit the ID number afterwards. I was at the post office earlier today to by one and the woman there said that there was no way to change the size of the type that they use. So I didn't bother as it is huge wast of money to buy one and do the currency conversion it they won't except it. Has anyone ever had this problem before? I'm not sure if I can just write the number in like underneath or something?
Or does an one know of a different way to send money from outside of the us that I am unaware of?
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