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Originally Posted by NIK18 View Post
The only fee for the money order is when u purchase it. Probably like a dollar.
70 Cents at walmart . But the reason why I asked is when my loved on was in the county jail here and I was setting up a account on my phone I sent in a 15 money order because it was all i had at the time. Well calls were only $3.33/per and i was wondering why He got to call once and everytime after that I was getting a recording saying I had insufficent funds on my account. So I call the telephone company to wonder why the heck I'm already out of funds and they tell me" We charge 8.75 per money order which left you with 6.25 on your account". Which means after he called the first time I only had 2.92 or something like that left on my account. Yeah.. I was PISSED. Didn't want to send money to put on his books and him not get the total amount

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