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Originally Posted by Monkey Mookie View Post
Yes, I understand what you are saying but MY issue with that is that he did not call it off until some time had passed and quite a few conversations had occurred about the OP not being comfortable about it. To me, and again, only my opinion, he called it off due to the amount of questions and the headache it was becoming not out of respect. And if he did respect her, he wouldn't had played the trust card on her to make her feel badly. He let it go on to long and should have respected her the moment she had her doubts/questions about it. At that point, for me it just all seems too shady.
I think you paid better attention to the situation than I did. I see what you are saying. I admittedly miss some stuff on threads when Im on my phone and a lot of times Im reading in the middle of the night...
I totally see what you are saying now.
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