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Originally Posted by miamac View Post
Let this transition from long days to short, from one wardrobe to another, be your gentle reminder that you have thrived in many seasons and you will thrive in what is to come if you are open to it.
Thank you - this was lovely and gave me much needed comfort and a little boost for the coming months

As for signs of fall; last night I slept with my bedroom balcony door open through the whole night....the wind was blowing quite hard and I could almost hear the birch trees outside my building start dropping their leaves. I was thinking, in the darkness, that these are probably the last nights that I am even able to leave the door open...soon the frost will set in and after that, snow... ugh. One day I might be living in the desert area where you are now, but for this year....yup, the sun has started to change its color to a colder hue and the wind is picking upspeed. I simultaneously love it and hate it as I am completely a summer person by heart...

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