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Prayer Request Please:
For my husband in Chino who is 70 and has now lost his 7th tooth. His health is not good and I have called several times and left messages with no call back to try and find out if his medical paperwork ever reached Chino. When in reception at Wasco, their computer crashed and "they" said they lost his records on the computer, which is not true because I scanned, printed and mailed them hard copies. I went to his doctor's office and scanned every single thing myself. I sent them to Wasco with his signed waiver and a Power of Attorney for them to send me copies of all his records since incarcerated, which they did do. I am simply trying to make a copy of what I have and get these to the doctor at Chino or the medical records department or both. He is not getting follow up with medical that was supposed to happen months ago, He is now 4 months past due and it was carcinoma cancer. Please pray that someone cares enough to follow up on this and he be seen by someone competent. We have great medical insurance and I pray we can start a petition to let those that do have it be able to use it, at least their Medicare which we now pay for because they stopped his social security and it was taken out of that. This is so wrong. I believe "they" are double dipping because they did use his Medicare for some of the transports we paid for a year or so ago. They were supposed to use the outside contractor that is contracted to that county jail.

2nd Prayer Request:
My friend is in the courtroom right now and they are picking a jury . I pray that God is the true judge and any deceit and lies against her husband are exposed.
Please pray for them.



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