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Originally Posted by CenTexLyn View Post
The plea offers possibly going up closer to election is NOT indicia of prosecutorial misconduct. Besides...if you don't like the offer, then don't take the plea and set it for trial.

The DA does NOT 'dole' out the sentence even in a case that is the subject of a negotiated plea- they may set the ground rules vis a vis the baseline term on the plea, but ultimately the Court still has to accept the plea (and some don't always accept a plea agreement). Further, if one goes to trial, the impact of the DA in the matter of sentencing is nowhere near what you appear to give it credit that point, the sentence is up to the 12 in the box (unless one opted for bench trial, in which case the robed one is setting the number).

Isolated instances do not condemn an entire system...

You may be right in some instances, but I can pretty much bet that the DA has a whole lot more stroke in the sentences than most people know about. District Attorney's are not about truth & justice, they are only out for a conviction!
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