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Originally Posted by Monique83 View Post
Hi, I am desperately seeking some insight as to what possibilities my boyfriend may have in regards to possibly getting any credits towards his time. He got sentenced to 12 years with 85% due to his prior strike not being stricken, which resulted in his 2 year sentence being doubled, along with 3 years for Great Bodily Injury and lastly a 5 year enhancement due to the new crime being considered a "serious" felony.
I just got off the phone with him and he stated there is some kind of credit being issued to inmates with more than 10 years to serve having 3 years automatically reduced due to the over population. Can someone please clarify if this is true, or please provide me with any credits offered to violent offenders?
Thank you, I truly appreciate any feedback.
There are and will be many rumors. At this point in time (and hopefully it will change because my husband is one of them) they can ONLY receive UP to 15% off for good time. Meaning he will only get just under 2 years knocked off. Hopefully this will change. It almost changed in May of 2013 or 2014 (can't remember) when the judges made a recommendation to include VO's in credit earning increase along with the others (for population issues) but it did NOT happen. The laws are changing slowly but surely though.
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