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Originally Posted by eyoxgorgeous View Post
Hey everyone,

My husband has been up at Attica for almost 2 years. He put in for a transfer and was approved since July 2019 so 7 months ago and he's still at Attica! The other facility he was in people put in to transfer and the longest they would wait is 2 months. According to him, this is normal at Attica and they will hold you there for up to 2 years. One of his friends said they took over a year to leave after they were approved for the transfer. I called movement and control and they told me yes he's been approved since July. I asked the officer why hasn't he been transferred yet its been 7 months. She said "it depends on everyone's specific situation". Im like ... ok? and what specific situation is my husband in? There's plenty of beds open at the hubs my husband put in to transfer to, so why can't he just be moved? She said "I don't know I don't have any control over these things. the transfer can take up to 2 years". I'm like 2 years?! That's someone's whole entire bid!! Why is it taking so long? Has anyone had a LO transfer from Attica? Is there a way he can speed things up? Im honestly tired of traveling 6 hours with a baby in a car.

All help appreciated, thanks
Does he have codefendants or did he snitch on someone else or did someonesnitch on him? If so, they will keep them a part for safety reasons.
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