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Default Need advice re: fiance being denied permenant residence with me

Hi, My name is Jacqui and my fiance is in prison in Minnesota. Four years ago, he was charged with domestic assault against me, but the charge was dismissed. He did not actually do it. Yes I am the victim and I'm admitting that it was a false charge, in which I wasn't the one to call the police. He is due to be released February 15th 2011 (over nine weeks) and was just refused his permanant residence because it was with me. I was told by his Parole Officer Andrea Stevens that he cannot live with a victim. I do not understand why she is doing this when the charge was dismissed due to lack of evidence meaning no physical harm was done. She said that the ending result doesn't matter but the initial report does. Can someone please help me to get through this because I know that this isn't a "good enough" excuse that this corrupt PO has given. Someone, anyone, please help me to be able to bring my fiance and children's father home to our house...
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