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Originally Posted by h2owellgirl View Post
My son has been at CFRC for 4 weeks now. He was first at the main and has now been moved to the east. We have received a few letters from him but still no phone call which is killing us. We received from him his visitation forms 3 weeks ago which led us to believe he was staying there. He has a 18 month sentence. I've called multiple times requesting information, but I get no where.
If you have received mail from him, send him your phone bills and tell him to submit a phone call list.

The list has to use the name and address of the person on the bill, so even if it is your cell phone and it is under his name or someone else's name, put hat name and address and not yours.

THEN, be sure to go to Securus, set up an account and input all of the phone numbers he will be calling that you are funding. You will also want to fund it because without funds, calls will not go through even when approved. When my husband was at SFRC, we were on the phone within two weeks. I sent the bills immediately when I found out he was there, but mail there was exceptionally slow (it's much faster at CFRC). Then when he finally submitted them, they were approved almost instantly.

You cannot receive phone calls without being on the approved call list.
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