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Well yesterday, I finally loaded up the truck and got all Ricky's supplies to the shelter.
I was still debating it (why Im not sure) but I pulled his crate out to the center of the living room, so I couldnt ignore it.
After also taking my cans to the recycle place.......(another task Ive been putting off) when I got home I said its now or never. Just load things up.
I did, and drove over there and waited just a bit before they opened. (1pm which seems so late to me)
Anyway, I was a bit disappointed in that the shelter may not use the things but that they can give them to others, is done.
The lady that was helping me, was in tears too. Grieving a dog she had to put down 10 yrs prior.
needless to say, the rest of the day was a downer.
I thought about why that frisbee was getting bigger and bigger.........
then it hit me.

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