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The sad part about using in prison is that you never really take advantage of the time inside to get away from a demon that devours you in the most tragic way. To stop and think that a person will go to prison because of a drug problem that resulted in some type of offense, only to remain in bondage to an evil that leaves you weary in such a way that is beyond words.

Prison being the place that it is, there's fearful aura or presence of "I'm O.K. and You're O.K/ just let me do my time and you do yours" that destroys us in a quiet yet, horrific way. Offenses to do with drug usage or drug dealing in prison are a serious issue that remain in the dark and yet everyone around you knows whats going on.

Many of us won't say anything or stand up for the sake of putting a stop to it and for good reason. Who is to say that the people bringing the drugs in are not working for the prison system? Who wants to face that lion or the other lions in that equation who often sell the drugs directly to the general population.......the gangs? If one is brave enough to do so.....there's a real chance they'll never leave prison alive. And yet, drug usage in prison is real. At this point in time, the best answer is just say "No" to drugs. Sadly......some people can't say no in there or out here and what a hard life that is to live and bare.

As fate would have it and from my perspective, the worst is yet to come not for those that are addicts, but those that prey upon addicts all for the sake of money and power. Your day is coming....maybe or maybe not in this life, but the life yet to come.
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