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Originally Posted by ambermarshall11 View Post
Has your man ever had an addiction if not of course it would be easy for you to say what you would or wouldn't do I didn't no he was using until after I was with him for a long time does that answer your question
Oh, he has most certainly had an addiction to illegal drugs. It's what landed him in prison. But he also has no desire to ever go back to drugs again. Ever. No matter what. He hates them and what they do to him, and he knows I will not tolerate any drugs at all. And yes, if you were with him a long time before knowing he used, then yes, that does explain. Jacob is my soulmate. I can't imagine life without him and have no desire to be with anyone else ever, but I won't throw away my life if he makes certain choices. Because that's what I would be doing. I can't handle the thought of him going back to prison or being high, etc. But I am hardened and scarred. Some people call it strong. Call it what you will. I know I will survive without him even if just typing this rips my heart out of my chest and makes it weep. I know that because I also know drugs are far far worse than being alone.

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