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Originally Posted by MizzyMuffling View Post
Well, they don't have to do anything much less answering your question(s). Imagine every single loved one of every single inmat of this facility would be calling asking them why their loved ones hasn't answered their email/letter/JPay...
It always helps to be extra friendly as well... so far I've only met one nice person when I called for special visits, calling prison to ask something always has the feeling of them thinking I'm trying to buy off their liver...

If it says "holding" could mean a lot of things. Maybe he's being re-classified, transferred, put into seg pending an investigation.

With prison you have to be extra patient. Extra extra extra patient.

I feel I have been patient lol it's been a week, and I'm always hearing different things like emails get to them after 24 hours, or someone else saying it can take ages, I'm confused and not sure what to believe, I guess ill just keep waiting, oh yes I was very polite I always am on the phone but he just couldn't be arsed I could tell haha!
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