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Originally Posted by LsGarcia View Post
Sorry, I didnít consider that you might not use Jpay for emails!
Lopís is loss of privileges.
If it says heís in holding, like MizzyMuffling says, it could be one of many things. However it looks like he probably canít reply to you (or hasnít even got your email yet) rather than he just doesnít want to.
Might be worth shooting him a letter via jmail? Itís quicker than sending a letter from the U.K.
No I have been using Jpay, his name comes up but he actually doesn't have an account and it says he needs to create one, so unsure if hes even gotten the emails as print outs or what, it's all so confusing and I'm new to all this, so if it says holding there's a possibility he just hasn't been given my emails?
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