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Originally Posted by yourself View Post
They gave an estimate, which is why they are asking to check back once a month.

Once they have an amount, the payer needs to actually pay. Depending on the amount, this can be a lot more complicated than just writing a check, depositing it in the Payee's account and then the Payee distributing checks to suit participants.

If we are talking about millions of dollars, we are talking about multiple accounts, most with stocks and bonds and other forms of equity. At any given time, the value of such things changes. Further, when you sell a stock, it takes days to weeks to have access to the funds.

We could also be talking about a company that decides, on the back of a suit, to declare bankruptcy and attempt to discharge the debt through bankruptcy.

Anyway, they had an estimated day that they would be distributing checks if nothing went wrong. Call and check.
Thanks. I doubt they'll file bankruptcy. It's bluecross/shield of Oklahoma.☺️
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