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Default Middleton

In response to your experience with visiting, you should get a list when your brother can receive his visits. get there an hour before or you will have to wiat until second call. You will understand what I mean after you do it once. Don't bring anything into the jail accept your keys. make sure your car is legal. You should keep the mail to a coded minimum if talking about his case/ leave that to his know how to talk to him ! The jail takes the firts twenty or thirty bucks now like fall river so don't be shocked....
sign the visiting list the minute you walk through the door so thst you can be called gets reallt ugly in there.
Nothing to be afraid, of you just need to mark your territory....
Your phone account has to be paid in advance with the phone company or the phone will just shut off, my advice write alot. The price gauging the charge is ridiculous and your brother could use the money for his attorney or canteen.
Good luck and keep on his lawyer for the court dates so you can go and see him there too.
Always call in advance to make sure he hasn't been moved or there isin't a lock down.
This is just realistic advice from someone who knows all too well how the system works,
Don' worry
take care
J. C.
in solidarity
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