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Originally Posted by LifeTraveler View Post
I wish more people were active in this forum. I've also heard my husband use that reference as "state property". Of course, he wasn't having it, but that doesn't stop DOC employees from referring to them that way.

Families of loved ones in this state seem to have this great fear of Louisiana DOC. What they don't understand is that there is power in numbers, and if more than just a few stood up, some real changes might take place.

There are some active advocacy groups based in Louisiana that are hoping to have people help them speak out. The Vera Institute of Justice is a good one. They put out email newsletters that are very informative & they show up.

Another active group is Louisianians For Prison Alternatives. I had trouble accessing their site but just saw one of their emails with a link to their info.

A group that is also very active statewide is Voice Of The Experienced. You might sign up for their news emails to see what they're doing for change.

You are so right- if we don't speak for our loved ones why should others? The louder we are the harder it is to ignore.
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