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Default Tucson Arizona Rincon Unit

My husband got to Rincon in Tucson in December 2017. Hoping he'll be out by 10-17-18 with good behavior of not it'll be 01-17-19... we've been married 4 years been together 6 years and we have 4 Daughters. I still haven't been accepted for phone calls or visitation we have been writing each other I write him everyday he was writing me twice a week and all the sudden the letters from him stopped now it's been 5 weeks and I haven't heard anything from him I called and talked to the counselor in his unit and he says that he is not in the hole and there's no reason why he's not writing me! but honestly you can't trust what they say I know my husband is trying to write me so obviously it's some fault on their end for me to not be getting a letter.

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Please use this thread to post which prison your loved one is currently located at. Please do not use this thread for general discussion. It is meant to be a resource to help PTO members locate other members that have loved ones in the same prison, or close by. If you wish to discuss a particular Unit, please start a new thread in the forum.

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