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Originally Posted by 2nice
I guess i seem to be the first to say that i would send $500 and anything else it would take to sort out the deal!! Money means nothing to me, but my man means everything! It could be a life or death situation. I would rather part with $500 than for anything to happen to my man! Call me silly, but i want my man home alive!

It hasnt ever happened to me, but it could have one time... His roomie got into something and my honey got dragged into it, just because they shared a cell. My honey had to help his roomie come up with a certain amount of money!
i understand where you are coming from!! IF it meant that for me and mine, yes i would send the money. my hubby however, probably would not ever get into a bind that serious (500.00 worth) because certain things about him would prevent it, but if he ever did, i would do what i have to do.

i hold no grudges against my man for his current situation, and would never use that as leverage as to why i wouldn't help him, ESPECIALLY if i knew that i could help him in case he truly needed it.

again, my limit would be 100.00 if the need came up because i know that he would never get himself into a bind (not saying he can get himself out of a bind, but that he wouldn't get INTO one in the beginning), and if he did, i know it wouldn't be for more than 100.00.

but if it were E M E R G E N C Y time, then i would scrape up whatever it took.

again, we have had a rare situation or two where he needed me to help him out with something, and i did it, no questions asked, because i knew that it was a rare situation and i also knew that it was important.

and i see some posters voted in the poll...but i don't see too many of them posting why they would help their man. so far all i see are posters saying they wouldn't help him...what's up with that?! haha.
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