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Unhappy Debt?

This is a personal question so I understand if I don't get many answers.Has anyone had to file bankruptcy or use a credit counseling service?
I owe a good chunk of $ on credit cards and really don't see how I will ever pay them off or even get the big one to a reasonable monthly payment minumum.I closed all of them except one about 3 years ago but am not even making a dent in them.I am scraping to make ends meet w/o having to borrow $ and borrowing when I do have to is getting me no where fast as I have to repay it the next month so I'm always a step behind. I know either thing I do will hurt my credit for awhile correct? I have a perfect credit rating and hate to mess it up as alot of landlords etc look at that.How bad does credit counseling look on your record?

Advice? Suggestions?
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