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Default Hi Moms! Looking for Christmas miracle...

One thing I know, is that on this site, I can ask for prayer, and feel relaxed to know I will get them. My sons appeal will be Jan 15th. We've done all we can now. His lawyer filed a beautiful brief. Couldn't have done any better! will soon be over, and we will be either elated, or totally shattered! I won't know what to do for my son, if this completely fails. All I can do is pray. It has "felt" as though things are changing for the better in some ways, but I don't know...might be wishful thinking.

My blue Christmas has been extended, because we couldn't go there this week end. The warden cancelled all visitation for 22,23...this week end, so we are still home, nine hours away! Next week end! I hope your Blue Christmases were,


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