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Default Fall/Winter Joys, Concerns and Prayer Circle 2016/17

Having spent my entire life in a traditional "Summer is warm, Fall is cool, Winter is cold" state, I'm finding the shift from scorching heat to mild, sunny Fall in the desert a challenge. I miss the leaves, the rain, the fuzzy scarves that start popping up on public transportation. I miss the familiar signs that Fall is here.

But there are signs that Fall is here, or at least on its way. The air conditioning didn't kick on one time last night. The swarms of bats are a bit thicker and appear earlier in the evening. My dog asks to lounge on the porch instead of her bed next to the floor vent. It isn't that the signs are absent, but that I need to change my idea of the signs I look for.

Are there spaces in your life that are asking for a perspective shift? Let this transition from long days to short, from one wardrobe to another, be your gentle reminder that you have thrived in many seasons and you will thrive in what is to come if you are open to it.

As a reminder:
If you need a prayer/good thought/healing energy (whatever term your faith or tradition embraces), it is welcome here.

If you have a joy that you want to share, here's the spot.

This is for all denominations and traditions.
There will be no debating of whose truth is "right".
This won't be a good place for asking questions about the details of another's religious/spiritual practices, just a safe space for dropping your cares and counting your blessings.
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