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I had no idea OUD existed, but I can see why. I did research myself and opiods do change the brain. Now there will be law suits against drug companies who knew this could happen and profited tremendously.

Now what do you do with the carnage left behind? Most of the treatments are band aids and they get hooked on new stuff. Hence why suboxine is huge is prisons now. The shot they give helps turn off the receptors in the brain, but one must go monthly or it doesn't work.

I saw my man detox in jail. He denied it as he was going through it because he didn't want me to know. It was obvious looking back. He was offered methadone and that was it. He chose cold turkey. In county, there was nothing else but going to the clinic every day. Many optedout of getting a job or going to programs because they didn't want to miss going to the clinic.

Minus programs offered closer to the end of one's sentence, there isnt anything drug treatment available. No can talk to a priest (who recently just left). There is nothing.

It will be interesting to watch this case and then see if there is a trickle down effect because of it.

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