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Default FCI Williamsburg anyone?

My fiancÚ is on his way to Williamsburg FCI in Salter, SC I'm looking for someone to to commute with to S.C from Northern, VA area. If anyone is interested in commuting and sharing cost on gas and driving PM me please I am not interested in sharing cost of hotel off the break until we are familiarized with one another. I'm a mother of six, friendly, and shy at the same time I'm 35 years of age. I have known my love for over 18 years I'm even willing to meet someone along the route to S.C. Say like North Carolina if there is anyone let me know! Doesn't seem like there are a lot of people on this site that have a loved one in FCI Williamsburg... Saddens me as I cannot take a drive that long by myself
Loving Julius holding it down in the meantime
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