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Originally Posted by safran View Post
When I was released, after declining halfway house, I had to submit for approval who was going to pick me up (my parents) and they had to show the CO that met them in the parking lot their IDs and the rental car agreement.

I was released on a Friday and had to report IN PERSON to the PO's office by noon on Monday.

I am not sure where the grey area of BoP and supervised released cross, but I know they indeed do cross.

I also had strict instructions that IF we were stopped by LE for any reason I needed to show them my release paperwork and call the PO right away.

To me, it is only logical that there are guidelines detailing what can and cannot happen while moving from the BoP to supervised release. After all, supervised release is not total freedom.
Thanks, this is informative. I guess my argument would be since you are technically on supervised release as soon as you walk out of prison it would be your PO enforcing the rules and not the BOP. So unless that info is forwarded to your PO (which i don't believe the BOP does) I am surprised the BOP cares. Anyway, just a technicality but, interesting none the less.
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