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In addition to fbopnomore's comments, the PSI is always available in the inmates file, but not allowed in their cell. The docket sheet does carry the Sentence Computation, fines, etc. The docket itself is just dates and item descriptions. Anything relevant to the case would need to be downloaded. And with cooperation, there is very little online, if anything. Now that all plea agreements are restricted to the parties, it's almost impossible to know if a person cooperated. And the departures are no longer written on the docket sheet either, but a separate form turned into the USSC.

You can DL the docket sheet for free after you join PACER. That's assuming you aren't doing anything major, you can get up to $30 free and that would be a lot of research.

I'm wondering who the docket sheet is important to. Your loved one needs to learn how to avoid being bullied by anyone and that would start at refusing to get his docket sheet (which may be sent in as legal mail, which is probably the only way it gets to him.)
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