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Originally Posted by Mimzy View Post
Thank you for this , its very insightful , the complaint process is still going on and still waiting , but its in action so that is the main point. Good Idea about the news outlets , I went to the head office as well , the prison is already under scrutiny for how it treats inmates.
I know. My husband had an asthma attack and almost died on the yard because multiple CO's ignored him over the summer. I raised hell for about a week, got a call from the warden about it the following week and the next day he was on the bus. I think the delegate for my area was the best contact I had made at the time. They followed up multiple times and ultimately I told them that even though my husband was moved, this isn't a once off thing at Nottoway and I wanted them to look into it for everyone else's benefit as well.

The best advice I can give you though is that if you're going through this process, make sure that this is the worst case scenario. I don't regret getting my husband moved at all, but after he was moved from Nottoway he was at Haynesville (his reentry spot) for a few months and then somehow wound up getting shoved into a program down in Indian Creek and it's 10000000 times worse than any other place to date. He's been harassed and threatened since he got there by his caseworker and program director for asking questions (he has no substance abuse history in the last decade, no failed drug tests and no drug charges).
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