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Originally Posted by Eric&Becca View Post
I couldnt link to the article but we actually have a drug treatment court in Lackawanna County.

Lackawanna County Drug Treatment Court is a pet project of Honorable Michael Barasse. The program is directed at rehabilitation. It involves intensive D/A counseing, drug testing, etc . Once completed, usually a 12 month program, charges are expunged.

my ex was writing his own prescripitions and got this. Sad part was 3 months after completing the program he was doctor shopping and did so for 4 yrs. He was arrested by the AG in March-then skipped bail.
I know a number of people who insisted I reject Drug Court and take probation instead. What they described was a highly invasive process. If you are not an addict, probation is enough. If you are an addict, as you have experienced, nothing is really enough. A few lucky ones, in my estimate, get through it OK. The rest just hand over money.
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