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He is hoping the cost of the meds will deter them from putting him back in prison. So, will he go to a halfway house, rehab, or back to prison?
If he's under the impression that his meds will keep him out of prison, IHMO he's in for a rude awakening. If that's why he racked up 7 violations in 4 months, he clearly needs an attitude adjustment.

He got a violation for "attempting to sell a prescription medication".
In ky, that's new charge = more time.

One thing I noticed in your post: you have a PO; he has a PO. One stipulation of probation and/or parole is to not associate with other felons. If you haven't been violated, you're lucky. If the PO's don't slam both of you with a no-contact order, your even luckier.

Good luck to you both

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