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I just wanted to say that our son called two or three days ago and the lockdown is over. I am so glad to hear that!! Someone was discussing emails earlier in this thread. The inmate has to know your email address and them he can send an email through inmatemessage asking if you want to receive this correspondence from him. It's really a good idea, since so many people are always on their computers these days. I was told it cost the inmates ten cents for every minute to read and to write email. The server probably logs their time on the system. I did remember one problem that the girls and women were having while visiting...underwire bras. They are not allowed! There was one woman guard many months ago that would let us slide by. But she is no longer at the front desk when you visit. They have gotten very strict about this, so if you are going to visit, please dress with this in mind. Although this is only my second post...I do enjoy reading everyone elses comments. It helps to know that we're not the only ones dealing with this, the feds, the rules, the lockdowns,the uncertainness, the dangers of their lifestyle behind the walls. Not too many people I know can say they have a loved one behind bars. It definately takes its toll on you and your family. Sometimes it feels as though we are doing the time with them. Thankfully, only six more years until 2013.

Take care everyone,
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