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Default my sweetheart Dennis Martinez

I would like to share with everyone on this web sight what happened to my sweetheard Dennis Martinez in the hopes that someone would have an opinion on what else I can do besides what I have already started doing. I am just going to copy and paste what I have been posting on various wed sites trying to obtain councel. Thank you in advance for listening to me. Here goes.

First of all let me just say the injured person is in Vacaville Prison. I am his girlfriend just trying to find out what he needs to do. His name is Dennis and he was working in CSP Sacramento, Folsom Prison. In late October 2011 while working for the prison he fell off a ladder and snapped his leg. He was taken to the hospital. The first hospital said they couldn't help him and they were going to send him to UC Davis but first they had to set his foot because his toes were touching his knee. So they proceeded and set his foot then wrapped it up and sent him to UC Davis. When arriving at UC the doctors told him, "the other hospital wrapped his foot too tight". UC Davis put him under and when he woke up he had bolts and pins throughout his foot and leg. He said he wasn't worried though because he could still move his toes. Within the next few days his foot was turning all kinds of colors and they said they had to cut his leg off from below his knee. (Could this have been caused by the Prison Hospital? ) Dennis is in Vacaville CMF Prison right now and I don't know where they will move him next. What do we do now and can you help us.
Additionally, we feel Dennis's leg could and would have been saved if he wasn't in prison. As if he had a cavity that needed a filling the prison just pulls the tooth out. Dennis is still in prison serving his term just like nothing happened. Supposedly they are getting him a prostatic but that has yet to happen. Also get this, the prison hospital didn't even notify the family. Dennis was in ICU. for 11 days at UC Davis and no one from the Prison, or the Hospital notified his family. Dennis' cellmate who also worked with him, was the person to finally get a hold of the family through his own mother,.

Then Dennis' sister was calling for two days before anyone returned her call. The prison finally allowed Dennis to call his family to tell them about his accident and that they cut his leg off. But he still cannot have a visit from even his family who was told the prison never allows special visits even if an inmate is dying. The reason Dennis is in prison is because of an illegal stop and search. He pleaded guilty to a personal use of drugs charge, no violence, no victim and they would have had no case the way it all went down. Dennis has been in prison since January 14, 2011 and won't be released until July 2012, He received 3 years with half which means 18 months because he didn't fight his case that he would have won hands down.

My point being is, Dennis is being treated worst then most murders, or rapist just because he had a drug problem that he has since handed over to the lord. Please help us, Dennis is really going through it. And from what I understand there is a six month deadline to file a claim and I am still dead in the water with finding someone to assist us legally.

Dennis said he wants to make sure he sues the State because of the way he was handled from the very beginning. Dennis said, "I was handled really bad starting at the prison". He said, " The Medics at the prison borrowed a knife from his boss to cut off his boot". Dennis thinks they probably damaged his arteries right then. He also said, while he was waiting to be transported to UC Davis a guy came into the room and said he had to set his leg, then he grabbed his foot and the nurse grabbed his leg and yanked on it seven times. Then they wrapped it so tight that his foot started turning purple. Then when he got to UC Davis the Nurse there cut for the bandages and said, "Wow look at all the color come back". Dennis said, " he thinks between the prison and Folsom Mercy Hospital is where everything went wrong from the beginning". The other thing Dennis said, "The prison was videotaping the whole incident, they had a camera on me recording everything that happened until I got in the ambulance". So the prison has it all recorded. I don't know if they would offer up that evidence so I thought I would just let you know about it ahead of time.
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