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Originally Posted by cmrichardson548 View Post
Hello everyone. Im currently looking at a 15 month sentence in the ODOC system. Part of my plea bargain is being eligible for AIP. A few questions I have are: What kind of waiting lists are there for AIP? With such a short amount of time to do, would I even be able to get into any type of program? And with all honesty, I dont have a drinking or drug problem.. hell I dont even smoke cigarettes.. so is there any type of AIP program for someone like me? THank you in advance for all responses
Once you get to Coffee Creek for intake and assessment, that is where they decide what programs you qualify for. You could be there for a month or 5 months, it depends on what program you qualify for and when a bed opens up at the facility you do your program at.

My ex was given AIP at Powder River and had to stay at Coffee Creek for almost 3 months after his intake and assessment was completed.
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