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Post Rockville to Indiana Women's Prison 2019

Hey all, I come to different forums looking for updated information, so I thought I would post some things I've found out:

Transfers from Rockville to other prisons can take some time, my daughter-in-law spent 10 weeks at Rockville until she was moved to Indiana Women's Prison.

The day after she arrived, she received her tablet and was able to call and received messages I had sent when she left county 10 weeks ago.

Visits are currently still in person for the most part, I wasn't sure if she said some or none are on the tablets yet but that they should have access soon. Will update when they start and how long it takes for her to have one.

Time cuts are slow going, she was informed that she probably wouldn't qualify because the wait times are so long, she would be gone before she could get into a class/program. She also said, there was some change as to how days apply, hope to get more information but that in January this takes effect and she would still probably get out sooner than expected. Again I don't have details but will provide when I learn more.
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