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Welcome to Prison Talk. He was sentenced to the maximum allowable prison term for every charged count. If the "special allowances" hadn't been added, the maximum sentence for 3 counts of felony 211/2nd degree would have been 5 years per count or a total of 15 years.

Since you say that his appeals were denied by both the CA appellate and Supreme Courts, his remaining appeals will be very limited. My advice is to get a consultation with a lawyer who specializes in criminal appeals in both the California and in the federal courts. They will provide you with accurate information about what legal policies remain, in which courts. The lawyer can also explain your chances of prevailing.

Appeals are difficult to win, and they are usually expensive. His best chance for an early release from his 27 year sentence may lie with the California parole board. A competent "parole" lawyer can increase the chances for being granted parole through a professional parole application.
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