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Thanks one more question, from your experience with the parole system do you think i will actually get out before my 5 months is up? assuming i get accepted for parole of course. it seems like with that little of a time difference it will be a crapshoot. I'm reporting the beginning of october, so i'll be eligible the beginning of december'ish. so theres a slight possibility i'll get on decembers docket but it'll probably be january, then i'm looking at a release date in february. and my 5 months would be up in march. SO i guess i should figure on getting out in march regardless? do you see much chance of getting out december/january? there are so many variables with the system, and then in the holidays, i just see it being backed up to hell. sigh. anyway, any comments that wont depress me are welcome and i guess the ones that will i need to hear also.

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