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Originally Posted by Here4mylove View Post
I'm about to marry my fiancÚ in a few days, we already had our license but, he got locked up before we could... He loves me I know he does but sometimes I worry he is just using me for $ Now if I don't have it he's ok with that, he always says take care of me first.... I just can't help it, he got on one before he went in and did some terrible things, stole from my family, which he admitedt o and has apologized but doesn't expect them to forgive him. He feels like a POS BIG TIME! I worry he just wants me for $ or a place to parole out to ,sometimes I think its from my past but idk he hurt me emotionally but he is taking classes and counseling for his drug problems and wants to continue them when he gets out. I know that god brought us together and I feel He put it on my heart to show him that he can be forgiven and that God is real, which he believes now, & that I am a real woman, not like these others he has had in the past. Idk someone help please I love him & worry about him so much but don't want to get hurt . I've told him all of this and he understands why & is doing his best for now, & will show me when he gets home.
We cant convince you to go ahead and marry him or not. Or believe him or not. If your worried about it then there must be something inside of you that's telling you to worry.
IMO I would wait to get married. What's the hurry. He's in prison hes not going any where. Let him prove your worried for nothing and when he gets home and does all he says hes going to do then marry him. Don't rush into something that your uneasy about because you will regret it. I wish you the best.
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