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Originally Posted by Sazy70 View Post
This is the signed Bill HB 0094- anyone know more about the good time and information on credits for the inmate working in the industry? How are they applying the good time? Great news for Illinois as will go into effect 1/20
It is great news it passed finally. It will hopefully open the door the person prison reform so greatly needed in this state. To be able to back track good time for classes completed and earning a BA is a great step forward. It unfortunately did not apply to truth in sentencing convictions. There is a bill in the house specifically for that currently (hb2620). There are many bills currently in the house that NEED support by citizens contacting their state reps! A great site in IL to follow is and you can see everything currently being proposed. Even bills against prison reform that also need our voices of dispute!!!
The annual JHA luncheon is on September 17 here in Chicago and there are peaceful displays of support for these bills planned to draw media attention to these proposals.
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