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Reporters from major news outlets in South Carolina have been doing this since April 2018. They troll many groups and pages on the internet and social media asking for families to contact them for interviews and only report snippets for click bait.

You have the story. Families have shared with you since the deaths at Lee that they're fearful of speaking out in the media because of what our loved ones are enduring in state prisons. You have seen the same images, read the same messages, and shown the videos available all over social media.

It's up to you to be bold enough to get to the truth about the 23-hour lockdowns, limited showers and recreational time, and all things in between taking place, especially over the 18 months, instead of always reporting about "contraband" and deaths.

FYI: please do not take my comments and use them in any form. You do not have my permission. I've seen what other writers have done on social media and it's not well received.

PTO has been the safest outlet for me dealing with having loved ones incarcerated. Please do not take that away from me.
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