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Originally Posted by Sazy70 View Post
Good afternoon,

I wanted to reach out to you in hopes you might be able to answer questions we have concerning Sentencing Credits
with the passed bill HB 0094/ Public Act 101-0440.

What is the legislative intent behind the passing of the statute? Do you anticipate making everyone incarcerated prior to 1998 eligible for good time in full for all programs participated in?

The main question at hand is the breakdown of the sentencing credit.

1. Will the offender that meets the criteria of incarceration prior to ‘98 be eligible for the ENTIRE 90 day award for EACH Individual vocational program he has completed?

2. Will he only receive a one time credit of 90 days for all of the vocational programs completed?

My fiancÚ has been incarcerated since 1/9/96 and has participated in the educational programs and participated in Illinois Industry Vocational Training Programs for the previous 17 years.

He is ongoing in the Industry and is receiving good time for every 90 days ( 45 ) days given for good time credit.

We are trying to obtain a clearer picture of exactly what this Passed Bill means for him. Will he be eligible for time he participated prior to the passing of this Bill for the whole 17 years in the industry or just receive the one time credit?

Basically, wanting to know the intent of the legislators? Will IDOC automatically notify those incarcerated that qualify after January 2020? Will the offender have to request proof of his participation in the programs by affidavit on his own behalf?

I appreciate your time and any assistance in the explanation of the passed bill.

I don't have a good grasp of this issue, but my understanding is that they can only get 90 days regardless of how many programs they participated in (I am not counting advanced degree). It seems unclear at this point how they are going to approach this-whether they will notify those eligible or not. However, they do need to write an affidavit and present evidence if it's available. I think it's wise to prepare evidence on your own to avoid any confusion or mistakes.

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